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Can I go to Jail for a Traffic Ticket? - Anderson LeBlanc Upland Attorneys

Can I go to Jail for a Traffic Ticket?


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Continued traffic tickets need attention for resolution before law enforcement need to take more drastic measures. However, the first step is usually a suspended driver’s license that could lead to the individual losing his or her vehicle to impound when caught driving, and then police may arrest the person if he or she incurs additional violations.

The possibility of jail time from traffic tickets may depend on various factors. When a person acquires multiple tickets from different or the same violations, the local law enforcement may put a warrant out for the individual. However, other penalties are usually increased before jail is possible. Increased monetary amounts are usually first before additional penalties are put on the original ones. The driver may find his or her license suspended. Often, he or she may not discover this until pulled over for a new traffic offense. Then, police will impound the vehicle for a mandatory timeframe that accrues additional charges.

Violations and Penalties
Fines for a single traffic ticket are not often steep. The driver may handle one ticket without complication. However, when he or she ignores it, the local law enforcement may increase fines for the original ticket or for successive violations. If the person pleads guilty to a traffic ticket, he or she is responsible for paying it. Then, the payment deadline could pass without payment, and the fines will increase or double based on the state and offense. It is essential to read the citation and any other literature that comes with it to fully comprehend what is necessary to resolve the matter.

The License Issues
When a person has acquired a traffic ticket, his or her license could face suspension after so long without payment or contact with the local driving authority department. However, the individual may not know that his or driver’s license suspension occurs. Then, when driving in the state, a local law enforcement officer may stop him or her. At this point, the suspended license could cause the vehicle to become impounded in a tow yard. Sometimes this action must remain in effect for up to or longer than 30 days. With fees accruing each day, the driver must also ensure his or her license is free and clear before driving the car again.

Additional fees, fines and amounts increase when a traffic violation goes unpaid. Ignoring the ticket could lead to a license suspension, but additional tickets or offenses may cause the driver to face revocation of his or her license. This may depend on the severity and amount of violations in the state. If the local driving authority determines the action necessary, the license may remain in revoked status for as little as 30 days and as long as two years. However, other penalties may also cost the driver added funds if he or she has other issues to take care of with his or her driving record.

Possible Jail Time
When a warrant is put out for the arrest of someone that ignored a speeding ticket, local law enforcement is looking for the individual. When his or her driver’s license suspension leads to police pulling him or her over, he or she may face an arrest. The possibility that jail time occurs is not as high when the court issues a misdemeanor charge for the ignored ticket. However, there is a chance that time spent in a local jail happens. The usual outcome from this issue is a large chunk of time spent completing community service in the local area for these situations.

Consequences for Traffic Tickets
While the likelihood of jail is usually low, there are other consequences for traffic tickets not resolved when necessary. Points taken from a driver’s license may lead to complications in keeping the driver behind the wheel legally. The most significant impact for those attempting to remain as a vehicle operator is the increase in insurance premiums for vehicle coverage. With other fines and fees, ignoring a traffic ticket could become costly and lead to weeks or months resolving the matter.

Legal Services for Ignored Traffic Tickets
When the driver is no longer able to keep the ramifications from harming his or her driving record, it may become important to hire a lawyer. A traffic ticket lawyer could help in reducing the financial impact and assist in clearing the person’s record from additional negative impact. Legal representation may also negotiate a deal to increase community service in exchange for no jail time.

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