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Does Your Company Have A Lawyer On Hand For Employer Defense?


Did you know that an experienced attorney is the key component to protecting your business during litigation due to employment issues such as breach of contract, sexual harassment, wage complaints, benefit appeals, worker’s compensation and more. Well, it’s true. There’s absolutely no question that each and every employer should seek the counsel of a qualified attorney if faced with litigation. Here are just some of the reasons why your company should have an attorney on hand when it comes to employer defense.

Legal Advice – Employer defense cases can get a little tricky thanks to the endless state laws regarding business operations, but there is no need to worry. An attorney who has experience defending employers will be able to provide you with his or her advice when it comes to legal proceedings whenever necessary.

Professional Negotiating
– One major aspect of an attorney’s responsibility when representing an employer is negotiating terms and conditions with the legal defense of the other party. Your attorney will work diligently in order to make sure you receive a settlement that is fair.

Document Handling and Filing – There can be quite a bit of paperwork involved during employer defense cases, but you won’t have to worry about any of it. Your attorney will take care of drafting the documents needed during employer defense and review them if need be to ensure the information is accurate. He or she will also file the proper documents making sure your company is always in compliance with local laws.

All of our attorneys here at Anderson LeBlanc are dedicated to representing a wide range of employers in cases of defense. If you are an employer facing a class-action lawsuit here in the state of California, please contact us as soon as possible in order to discuss the best plan of defense for your company.


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