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Healthcare Industry Injuries and Illnesses


The healthcare industry, like any other, has its share of injuries and illnesses that may occur depending upon certain factors. Some of these may be due to patient care or service and the accompanying stress or negative emotional situations. Others often deal with accidents that happen in the workplace that must be treated.

Due to the close confinement of individuals, these jobs often have sickness passed around from one person to the next when immunity does not take care of the illness. Even in the healthcare world, insurance may not be available which drives those that become sick to go to work even when they should not. These actions frequently impact production and labor.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that over eighteen million workers are employed through the healthcare industry. It is considered the fastest growing sector of economy in the country. Over two-thirds of all employees in these jobs are women. The variety of

workers may range from doctors to pharmacists to technicians in the lab. Due to the varying machinery, work conditions, temperatures in the workplace and similar factors, occupational hazards may be increased in this industry over others. Safety is a major concern, and instituted regulations are often taught to these individuals when they are trained or going through college for certification and degrees.

Common Healthcare Injuries

Many injuries sustained through the healthcare arena are on the job through working for the companies in these fields. A variety of harm may befall anyone that is involved in these occupations, but there are some common ones that have been identified. These may include needlestick injuries, cuts, sprains, burns, back damage, stress through repetitive motions, allergies and exposure to diseases. The more common and preventable accidents may be the ones that have been caused the most. Cuts and burns are often due to equipment in the workplace that is not put up correctly or has been accidentally knocked over.

Back injuries and repetitive motion incidents are usually caused by movements at the job. Carpal tunnel syndrome may be the outcome of the use of certain devices or activities that a person performs every day with repetitive movements. Back damage often occurs when someone hunches over and is not supporting his or her back muscles and bones correctly. There are tools and items that may assist with these activities. Specific behavior may be modified to prevent the damage these injuries may cause to the employee. Needlesticks may puncture an individual when not disposed of appropriately. It is important to adhere to safety guidelines when laboring in the healthcare industries. The proper following of regulations is vital when dealing with hazardous waste.

Nonfatal Injuries

While death may occur in the medical and healthcare work through accidents and unpredictable activity, there are a significant amount of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that transpire at the workplace. Construction and agriculture may provide many instances where safety guidelines and protocols have reduced the number of incidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that around 600,000 to 800,000 injuries occur every year in the United States due to needlesticks. Numerous laws and regulations have been implemented to promote safer working environments for these healthcare employees to reduce these numbers. One such measure is the Safety and Prevention Act implemented in one state. Other states have created and started initializing similar procedures in regards to sharp objects leading to serious harm to a worker’s body.

Workers’ Compensation for Injury

Suffering from injury or illness due to working conditions often entitles an employee to workers’ compensation benefits if the company has invested in these programs. These benefits are usually implemented so that no matter who is at fault, they may be provided to someone who has sustained an injury or developed an illness on the job. There are often specific stipulations that provide for the loss of work and income when these persons are incapable of coming into the job site. Other possible advantages of these programs are for the family of those that have died during the course of employment at the company. Typically, someone may be compensated for medical costs, disability in the short and long term, rehabilitation if necessary in some instances and similar issues that may arise. It is essential to understand all the information and specific guidelines of these packages so if an issue arises, the worker knows how to proceed.

Legal Assistance

There are some instances when a lawyer is necessary. This could be for a denied workers’ compensation claim or if an injury at the job site is not compensated for all costs necessary for resolution. In these circumstances, it is often necessary to contact legal assistance.

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