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Keys burglary suspect leaves himself signed on to Facebook


Story By Miami Herald | Staff Reporter

A teen wanted for breaking into a Keys home left behind a clue that made it pretty easy for cops to make a bust: He left himself signed on to his Facebook account.

The Plantation Key homeowner told deputies that he left his home unlocked Wednesday on an outing with his wife — and doesn’t even have a house key. When he returned, he found evidence of a break-in: Someone had eaten a Pop Tart, downed a soda, and messed with his iPad and computer.

“He said the computer’s browser history showed many visits to pornography sites and to YouTube while he had been gone from the house,” Monroe sheriff’s spokeswoman Becky Herrin said. “An iPad had been moved, and someone had charged it. The iPad was still logged in to the Facebook page of a 16 year-old-boy.”

Deputy Luis Gomez then went to work. He called the school resource officer at Coral Shores High School in Tavernier to inquire whether the boy was a student there.

The teen was interviewed at the school and admitted to being inside the home and accessing computer equipment, Herrin said.

“He said he left school and walked around the neighborhood and found a house with no cars in the driveway,” she said. “When he found the door unlocked, he went inside.”

The teen was arrested, charged with burglary and theft and booked into the Plantation Key Jail.

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