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Man throws furniture at barbecuing neighbor


Story By Ronnie Wachter/Pioneer Press | Chicago Tribune

A resident of the 100 block of South Buffalo Grove Road called police on June 19 after a neighbor attempted to stop his grilling by hurling furniture at him, police said. No arrests resulted, and no one was hurt.

According to a police report, a 28-year-old Buffalo Grove man was grilling on his patio when the man who lives above him complained about the fumes coming into his apartment. The resident told police that if his neighbor had asked him to stop or move the cook-out politely, he would have accommodated, the report said. However, police said the resident reported that he chose to ignore his neighbor because of the neighbor’s drunken belligerence.

“The neighbor retorted by throwing a stool and chair down to (the resident)’s patio,” the report reads.

A few minutes later, the resident heard a knock at the door.

“It was this neighbor, continuing to curse and demanded his stool and chair back,” the report reads. “(The resident) stated this neighbor then threatened to burn his apartment down.”

When officers spoke with the upstairs neighbor, he thanked them for their service “approximately 15 times,” the report reads.

“As he lit a second cigarette, he stated that the grill smoke bothers him,” the officer wrote. “He agreed that throwing items off his balcony towards his neighbor was a mistake. When asked about his threatening to burn the apartment down, he stated that he meant his neighbor’s careless use of the grill could cause a fire.”

The police advised him to take those concerns up with the management company.

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Story By Ronnie Wachter/Pioneer Press | Chicago Tribune
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