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New York man buys hundreds of newspapers to hide DWI arrest, mugshot - Anderson Leblanc Upland Attorney

New York Man Buys Hundreds of Newspapers to Hide DWI Arrest, Mugshot


Story By Wayne Times

Bank Vice President/Palmyra man arrested for DWI makes matters worse by refusing to be finger printed and have his mug shot take in fear that story will be reported.

It all began when State Police received a report of a driver swerving on Route 31 in Palmyra at 10:07 p.m. on Thursday (12/29). The trooper found the vehicle swerving over the center line and onto the shoulder of the road. The vehicle finally came to a stop after traveling some distance down the shoulder of Route 31.

Subsequently, Joseph Talbot, age 43, of West Avenue in Newark failed a roadside sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI. The driver refused a roadside pre-screen breath test and station breath test to determine his blood alcohol level.

Once at the State Police barracks, Talbot called the Trooper an “a–hole” and told him he was ruining his family. Talbot refused to have his fingerprints and mug shot taken by police. He continued to rant about the possibility of his arrest being reported in the Times along with his mug shot photo.

The trooper explained that refusing to have his prints and mug shot taken would only make it a bigger story in the paper. Following his refusal to be processed, Talbot was additionally charged with misdemeanor Obstruction of Governmental Administration in the 2nd Degree, along with the DWI and traffic violations.

Talbot was arraigned and remanded to jail on $750 cash/$1500 bond to reappear in Palmyra Town Court on February 1st. He was also issued an appearance ticket for Lyons Town Court on the Obstruction charge.

Update: Several newsstands called on Saturday morning saying a man had come in and and purchased all of the newspapers. Many confirmed it was Mr. Talbot.

All told, almost 900 newspapers were snatched up in the Newark area.

Newsstands have been restocked.

Now the story has been picked up by several national news outlets.

Read the original post at Story By Wayne Times


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